Co-Op Preschool

We had our first day if co-op preschool last week. It is off to a swell start. Aaker did way better than I thought he would. But there is always next week. 😉


We have class every Thursday and a play date or field trip every Monday. This first 30 minutes we have basic preschool. For example circle time with letter,color,number, story time, whose here etc. Next is snack and then followed by a special study, art, music, language, science etc. The last 30 minutes are free play.

Where is Aaker?


I walked into Aaker’s room this morning and it took me until I heard his voice to find him. Love that boy.
I also included some photos of how nap time is spent since we transitioned A to a big boy bed.

Christmas Tree


Oz Mounce


He came two weeks ago. The delivery was spectacular. I would have a million babies here in Manila because I have the best doctor.

What am I doing?

Whole other 27 year olds may be up in da club on a Saturday night I am at home being totally awesome.

Fresh Air. I am going to miss it.


This is me just finishing my workout this AM. I am enjoying the fresh smell of clean air, a crisp breeze blows and sky is gray, from clouds, not pollution.
I have been psyching myself up for this move back to Manila. The last two days have been the first feelings of sadness and the foreign reality that is just a few months away. Washington has been gorgeous and the temperament utopic.
I will shortly be trading in my organic breeze for a desired air conditioned temperature set to cool down my overheating body. Sigh… I will enjoy it while it lasts.

Life Update


Jake is done with grad school in June. I am still substitute teaching. Aaker hit a year and half. We are hoping to pop out a few more (not just yet!) We are moving back to The Philippines in July with the same company. Not just for a year this time but indefinitely. We are all pretty excited about it. I was sick of it by then end of our time when we lived there before but a nanny, driver and house cleaner sound so wonderful. And we still have amazing friends there.