Names Sake

 I had planned to use the name Pippa before the Royal Wedding happened. I worked with a woman named Philippa and went by Pippa. I feel in love with the name. Although, Pippa Middleton is a fab person to be named after. However, this will probably be the most popular name in the next two years so I may end up steering clear of it. 


Also, for future reference my top girls name is from a Bond movie and starts with an uncommon letter. If anybody uses this name I am still going to use it, NO MATTER WHAT. Even if you are my sister. 


7 responses to “Names Sake

  1. Way to go AJ, did your hubby win the print for you? p.s. I love the name Pippa.

  2. sorry, kirk was logged in under twitter. I was the one that left the comment, haha.

  3. I promise I won’t use it! But I love it !

  4. Pippa Middleton, Pippa Mildenstein…Same thing! I told Matt we were going to use it but he’s not into it. I’m still working on it though. I have a feeling you’ll be using it WAYYY before I do anyway:) You BETTER use it! You will be missed this weekend (like I need to remind you!)xoxo, Heather

  5. i like pippa also. agreed, it is going to become super popular. is the name gemma? cuz it’s on our list too… but so are a handful of other names and no babe in my womb. tastes change, i’m sure when the time comes i’ll have fallen in love with a different name.

  6. vespa? luke has a thing for bond girl names- solitaire, domino…. those were two he wanted to name velz. awesome.pippa is super cute. hate it when the names you like get popular all the sudden!

  7. Hope there isn’t a Bond Girl named Xena O_o Gosh, what if there IS and THAT’S the name and I just made fun of it?!?

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