A Favor For A Favor- Giveaway *Updated*

Bloggy Friends,

My dear husband has summoned me to summon you for your help. He would greatly appreciate it if you would take an online quiz to correctly find your astrological sign. Kidding! He needs this survey taken for his MBA Marketing class. Thanks ya’ll. Go here.


If you take the survey you can win a prize! Please leave a comment with the lamest question from the survey and make sure you identify yourself. Even if I don’t know you it doesn’t matter because he needs people to take it. Muchas Gracias. Salamat Po. Aloha. Thanks. 

The prize will be a batch of cookies or a sewn something or some skull candy headphones (new). 

**The winner is Ashley. Jake picked the name out of Aaker’s hat. Ashley, please let me know what you would like. I realize I accidently gave away all the skull candy head phones. Sorry.**



8 responses to “A Favor For A Favor- Giveaway *Updated*

  1. lamest question:How many times per week do you consume an energy drink?People really LIKE those? Gross. Sorry Jake if you’re creating a new energy drink for your MBA. They’re nasty.

  2. with that adorable pic of jake, how could i say no? last question was awesome – "how often do you drink cocktails with alcohol and caffeine"answer: never minus one.

  3. I filled it out but I don’t consume. I am a tea drinker and occasional coke when things get stressful. I used to drink them like a fish.

  4. Brittany Wilson

    Which statement best describes your feelings towards cocktails that contain both caffeine and alcohol? What the…? Does this not seem a bit dangerous to anyone else?I want cookies please. Next time we’re up there. Thanks! Good luck Jake!

  5. Love the pic of Jake in front of the tennis courts. I didn’t know Jake was getting his MBA! That’s awesome. I mainly liked how it started with "Hey you." Made it feel personal to me. Haha I hope it’s okay that my "energy drink" is diet dr pepper. I’m obsessed with it and it really does give me energy. Being preggers though I try not to drink it. K that’s enough. Miss you AJs. Come see us.

  6. Age?Um, thanks for not having a category for us OLD people. I HATE being the last option that has a + sign next to it. I could be 34 or 104, all in the same category.Sigh.Give me the headphones and I’ll feel better. Mkaythanks.

  7. Which statement best describes your feelings towards cocktails that contain both caffeine and alcohol?. . . I felt like the survey was progressing naturally and then that last one suckerpunched me. It screwed up the flow. (Probably not the only thing caffeine and alcohol would screw).

  8. So in general the survey wasn’t that applicable to me since I’ve never tasted an energy drink…but I took it because you asked and well…I like you and Jake :)the last questions was a bit different than the rst as well as the question about residing in Washington.Hope he gets a lot to take the survey.

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