A Post Unrelated To My Sick Child

It is a conundrum of sorts.

My body is not where I want it to be. Aaker has been sick for what seems like forever. No daycare for sick baby means no exercising for mom. Sick baby means inside a lot. Awful weather also means indoors a lot. Welcome to Seattle. We took a 2 hour walk yesterday in the sun. I felt like I was alive again. 

To fill my void of external activites Netflix became my bff. Jake is always suprised with how fast I can get through a show. I always reply by saying, “What some people take 4-6 months to acheive I do in a week!” Boo yah! Below is a list of shows I have watched recently.

  • Kings Of Pastry – Slow moving but interesting. If you wnjoy the cooking channel you could probably sit through this one.
  • Circus – This 6 hour series will make you grateful for your education. I felt sympathy for most of the members during one episode or another. The lifestyle does not look charming too me at all, pitiful in fact. However, my stay at home mom life is probably the total opposite of what they see as fulfilling. To each their own. I will admit that the diligence and expertise it takes to be part of a circus act is remarkable but I don’t feel it enriches my life personally. 
  • Toddlers and Tiaras – I stopped watching after the first episode. It was super creepy and did not interest me at all.
  • Exit Through The Gift Shop – This film is absolutely stunning. The story was bizarre and intriguing. I highly enjoyed this film.
  • Unthinkable – Super creepy. Slow moving. I feel unsettled about this film. 

I figure if I am going to be watching tv I might as well try to watch documentaries or a material that might actually teach me about people, the world or culture.

I finally started reading Mockingjay. I heard it was underwhelming. Speaking of underwhelming we went to the Fremont Flea Market in Seattle. LAME. Don’t even waste your time. I am not really into the vintage scene but feel like I could probably find better stuff in the dumpster outside our condo. And, I guess we did get out and do something this weekend. Hurray for us. 



3 responses to “A Post Unrelated To My Sick Child

  1. Hey! Last time I was at the Fremont Flea Marketa there was a stand that was frying little doughnuts on the spot. Cake doughtnuts. Little rings of greasy, sweet goodness tossed around with powdered sugar and then dumped into a little paper sack so you could stuff your face while you shopped around. I didn’t buy anything, and don’t really remember anything else, but they could make the trip worth it alone…

  2. Bille Gniewosz

    Can I recommend Friday night lights? If you’ve seen it then you know, if you are holding out because you think you know what it is about then you don’t know. All I have to say is, Tim Riggins. Yum.

  3. Bille Gniewosz

    Oh, and you will not get any smarter by watching FNL, but don’t let that stop you from watching it!

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