February 7 is when it started

Aaker has been sick since February 7. He threw up 19 days in a row, had to have his nose suctioned out multiple times a day and night, crazy chest cold, x-rays to find inflammation in his right lung therefore oral steroids, ear infection #1 then amoxicillin for ten days, NOW ear infection #2 and puss pockets on throat (gross) so 10 days of cefrozil. Oh boy! We were supposed to be on a plane to sunny Long Beach this morning but instead we were in the doctors office. Despite all this Aaker is still pretty happy. I really just want my baby to get better.
He learned this new trick since starting all his antibiotics



5 responses to “February 7 is when it started

  1. I feel so bad for him–and you! I hope he gets better fast…our family was hit with another blast of sickness this week. It is dreadful.

  2. Laura Wierleski

    There is nothing worse than not being able to help you little one. I hope he gets healthy real quick, and stays that way….

  3. I could stare into those baby blues all day. I am sure you do! At least the lil stud is building up a good immune system! Hope he gets better soon!

  4. Kristina Summers

    Oh, AJ, I’m so sorry! Poor little guy! Any guesses on where he got it all from? I really hope he recovers soon for his and your sake. Let me know if we can help at all.

  5. I think I remember seeing a pacifier-type device that you put medicine in so they can suck it? Oh, wait, maybe I THOUGHT about it and decided I could use a bottle nipple instead. Not that you’re syringe is bad, it’s genius.

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