Somewhat Private


I don’t want people mean mugging on my blog spot. After feeling cool about the 900 and something views at one of my posts I realized that was a little creepy. My blog is not cool. My blog is a total mommy blog about my baby and my family. So, I am going somewhat private. Posterous is super awesome because some posts can be set to private. I will be making almost all posts about Aaker private. So, if you are friends and family please leave your email address if you would like to see the sprout grow. The awesome thing about private posts is that they don’t show up unless you are one of “my” people. So, those of you who don’t know me, and don’t need to be looking at pictures of my kid, you won’t even know what your missing. 

Post Script

I actually have had a few private posts on my blog that only Jake and I can see. How romantic…


15 responses to “Somewhat Private

  1. You know mine too–I hope!

  2. therecklings (at) yahoo Don’t want to miss a single shot of Aaker boy.

  3. Can I be on the list? 😀

  4. Laura Wierleski

    Hi Amber, I would love to be "on your list". Thanks…

  5. You best be adding me . . .

  6. Kristina Summers

    Add me to your list! How do you know how many people have viewed your blog? I guess I should learn how to do that too so I can decide if I should be worried about it too…

  7. Ooh, I want to watch the sprout grow. So good catching up with you! Aaker is a doll.

  8. Can we count as "your people"? I know we haven’t seen you or talked in years, but come one, us Hawaii peeps gotta stick together. I just like reading other mommy blogs, now that I’m gonna be a mommy myself any day now. Up to you though, we’ll only be slightly offended if you don’t include us 🙂

  9. This is your sis in laws sister Kelly. I totally count as one of those creepy stalker people since I dont think we’ve met besides skyping that one day, but I am a little obsessed with your baby so add me! plus i do feel like i know you well enough since lindsay always has such good stories to tell about you…

  10. Charlotte Nelson

    Add me too please!

  11. Oh add me! I want to do this too! I really need to switch out of blogspot!

  12. Add us please!!

  13. Erin Nelson

    hello ol’ roommate. add me in!

  14. Kelli Radmall

    Add me! I know I am a latecomer-but I would love to be invited!

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