La Posada Brunch

We had the most delicious southwestern brunch at the historic La Posada Hotel. The restaurant is called the Turquoise Room and has the most incredible southwestern infused menu. My Mom got me the Turquoise Room cookbook as a late Christmas present. I am such a sucker for cookbooks.


I had the sweet corn and black bean with red chile cream soup. The combination tasted just as lovely as the presentation.


Aaker had my moms nose for lunch.


One response to “La Posada Brunch

  1. AJ: Loving your new blog. Looks like you’re having a great time there in AZ. Wish we were there! GSG? Good for you. I totally get the nursing thing. I HATED eating after a while (with Lu). You really do have to have stuff prepared in the fridge or you end up eating brownies and icecream (that is what I have been doing lately) just to get some calories for some milk. WORST idea ever. Can I just say that Lu watched your video of reading to Aaker during tummy time OVER AND OVER again. I am a lame book reader. She really did watch it like 10 times in a row. By herself. Using the cursor. Pressing play. LOVE YOU!

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