A Little Misunderstanding

My sweet husband woke up at 7 am on Saturday to wait in line for the REI Yard Sale. He had high hopes of finding some awesome cheap camping equipment. We have plans for many a camping trips this summer. Anyway, we had the conversation as follows:

Jake: Tent $70, sleeping bag $70 and sleeping pad $110 and $120.
AJ: (Here is where I bruise his dreams and waste all his time) I think we don’t need the tent, sleeping bag and the pads would be nice but a little expensive. Jake: Ok. (Disappointed put all items back.)

Come to find out I heard him wrong. This is actually what he said: One $10 and one $20 sleeping pad. We didn’t figure this out until a few hours later. It is frustrating when things like this happen. It is no ones fault but it frustrating for both parties. I am thankful for Jake and his patience. Hopefully craigslist will have some camping treasures for us.



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