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Hello World,

Jake and I are giving our food consumption a makeover this year. Each month we have a goal. Last month was green smoothies and this month (Feb) our focus is on salads as a main dish for dinner. I would love love love your favorite salad and salad dressing recipes please. In return I will try and post at least 2 recipes a week that we used. Thanks digital friends. I really appreciated. Warmly,

Your over ambitious foodie



4 responses to “Comments Please

  1. OOH! I love this idea! I always like the IDEA of eating fancy salads. I wish I had awesome recipes for you, but the only one that comes to mind is a candy bar salad I had once…Anyway, I can’t wait to see your recipes!Oh, I LOVE Jana’s Cobb salad, although it’s way high calorie!

  2. ashley moffat

    i love me a good bbq chicken salad- greens, corn, black beans, cheese, bell peppers, tomatoes, cilantro, bbq chicken (really bbq-ed or i boil it then shred it with forks and slather bbq sauce on it, super tasty!)and salsa for dressing, or whatever you want but i like salsa- no fat and more veggies!. and maybe a bit of low fat sour cream too. it’s really really good.and, from a previous post, it’s hard to lose weight when breastfeeding. i hold on to a good few lbs that drive me nuts till i am done. but… it’s not worth losing baby’s food supply so i eat. and i eat a lot, cause i am constantly hungry when i am a milk truck. good job to you for eating as good as you are. wish i was as dedicated!and reading your blog makes me sad that you don’t live closer, your rad.

  3. Eric’s Mom made a fun salad for us when we were in AZ: lettuce, pears (or nectarines), candied pecans, feta cheese, and a raspberry poppyseed dressing. I bet you could throw some apples and chicken in there to make it more filling for dinner too. I’m not sure how she made the dressing though. Maybe mixing raspberry vinagrette with a poppyseed dressing?? Anyway, you should try it. Another one is taco salad. Lettuce, tomatoes, kidney beans, olives, tortilla chips crumbled, etc. I know there is more in it, but I don’t remember. I bet if you googled taco salad you would find it.Good luck!

  4. Jake should have this salad in the family recipe book, but its the sweet poppy seed salad. Layer lettuce, avocado, bacon, mushrooms, red onions over and over again and then drizzle a sweet poppy seed dressing over the top. A family favorite. 🙂

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