Party In My Mouth

Seriously I just had the best smoothie I have made. It tasted like one of these slizzers below. (If you get slizzered from these drinks do you call them slizzers?)

Party In Your Mouth Green Smoothie:

2 Heaping handfuls spinach
2-3 Cups water
1/2-1 cup Light Coconut Milk 
1 Ziploc bag frozen mango
4-5 Frozen strawberries
1 Tsp NuStevia 
1 Tsp Flax seed oil

*I like to cut and flash freeze my mangoes and papaya and then put them into sandwich Ziploc baggies. 
*If I had pineapple/juice it would have gotten even more hyphe

{Did I really just have a post with a pop song, used the word “hyphe” and then linked to a budget mom cooking website? I am super awesome.}




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