GSD Update

I am still doing green smoothies and at least 1 salad daily. Aaker’s food supply started to go down because I was skipping meals. Hunger would strike, I would look to the fridge and only find raw broccoli and cauliflower and just omit meals. My calories were also super low for a nursing mama. Now I usually eat a flatout turkey and goat cheese wrap for lunch and some type of filling (vegetarian usually) meal for dinner. The last few mornings I have had a fried egg. I use coconut oil and wow it is amazing. So light and no taste. I love it. Try cooking with coconut oil, you will love it too!

I am a little disappointed in my body because I have doing really good for so long and still not really loosing weight. I could be better about my consistency in exercise. I guess I am one of “those” who don’t shed pounds breastfeeding. That sucks for me. I guess the pounds and I will be friends for at least 5 more months. 😦

Even if I am not loosing weight I do feel better and I continue to make healthier choices. This is not all just about lookin’ fiiinnnneeee guuurrrll but also about being the healthiest I can be and taking care of my body, my baby, my family.  




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