GSD #9

GSD #9
Breakfast: green smoothie: berries, mango and spinach. Snack: turkey slice and provolone slice, apple. Lunch: orzo and spinach left overs. Bag celery, cherry tomatoes and carrots. Snack: 5 crackers, slice of turkey and provolone. Snack: nut bar.
Dinner: Everything from here on out tasted gross. Yakisoba noodle (not good any more). Endive, apple, Asian pear and sweet mustard dressing- so nasty. Snack: I had a craving for chocolate tonight. Through this program I am learning I crave chocolate when stressed or tired. I went back to work today so I think that was the contributor. Anyway, I ate a few peanut butter and chocolate chips. Then I wanted no bake cookies. I tried a bite when they were done and was not having. They did not hit the spot. *No salad today. I will be better tomorrow. I am going to try and incorporate more Ginger in my smoothies.


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