GSD #3

Breakfast: Green Smoothie
Snack: Trio Nut Bar
Lunch: Cous Cous salad (and cheesecake- whoops!), lettuce submarines (these were a little gross).
Snack: Caesar Salad
Dinner: We went to the parents for Father Folkman’s birthday. Pasta, salad and a slice of pumpkin cake (again, whoops, oh well). I am doing pretty good only have 2 sugary foods in the last 4 days and I think I will keep getting better. I have not had any bread, bagels, tortillas etc. I did have a small bowl of cereal and pasta though. 

Green smoothies I can do. Salads I can do. Lots of fresh veggies and fruit, I CAN DO. What I can’t do is the recipes she thinks sound delicious and taste like bland dirt. Greens do not have to taste like crap. Lettuce submarines were leaves or romaine with “avocado mayonnaise” topped with broccoli and all kinds of other veggies. Where is the flavor? I loaded mine up with olives, green onions and basil and it was still unsatisfying. 

I know I am not restricting myself to only greens or whole grains BUT what I am doing is adding A LOT more greens and fruit to my daily diet. I AM creating healthier eating habits by doing this “detox” and that is the whole point of this regiment. To gradually make a life change. I am trying. I can do a little bit better though.


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