GSD #2

Breakfast: Green Fruit Smoothie, 1/2 cup chex with 1/2 milk

Snack: Nut bar
Lunch: CousCous (so good they named it twice!) with olives, bell peppers and parsley, 1 cup GS, Large veggie salad
Dinner: Boom Noodle with friends (I will probably get a salad or vegan dish), and when I get home the remainder of my GS from lunch. 

Side note: Went running today and felt awesome!

One response to “GSD #2

  1. rischel haynie

    I am really interested to know what is in your green fruit smoothie, and is it good?And I am so sorry for your sweet baby’s horrible fall. That picture of him is so sad. I hate to admit it but I found the image of a car seat upside down with tiny flailing arms slightly humorous. It was only funny because I was imagining you recounting the story, and let’s face it, everything you say is funny. I know, I’m sick, I hope we can still be friends. As I am not a mom I can’t give you any comforting, similar story. But I will be a mom in 2 short months (SO SCARY), and I dream nightly about my baby. Every dream so far has been about me leaving the baby accidentally for long periods of time, or not being able to protect her, or not being able to feed her. I apparently have a very real fear that I will be a horrible mom, hopefully none of those things happen. Anyway, I am interested to know about your diet, and if it works. And I think your son is extremely beautiful, just like his mama.

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