Worst Mother Of The Year

Getting into my car today I slipped on the ice and Aaker came down with me. Saddest day of my life so far. After my fall and on the ground I see my babies car seat turned over upside down and his little arms flailing and his little voice shrieking. It was awful. I don’t have words to describe how awful. After a few hours in urgent care we calmed down knowing there was no concusion, swelling or bleeding underneath. He has a few scratches and only cried for about 15 minutes, hard. He was back to normal after a feeding and short nap.


Anybody read this blog? Want leave a comment telling me your worst mom story to make me feel a little better/normal. Also, I hate the winter. I hate cold weather. I hate ice.


8 responses to “Worst Mother Of The Year

  1. Ouch for Aaker…glad everything’s okay. Cut yourself some slack…this might be the first of many accidents. I’ve slammed babies fingers in cars, carseat handles, let them cry for a long time and then when I’ve finally gone to check they’ve gotten their legs and arms stuck thru the crib slats and are in an awkward and painful position, Garrett once fell out of bed and sliced his head open…I didn’t want him to wake up my newborn Megan so I just shushed him and in the morning noticed all the blood and the HUGE gash in his forehead and precariously near his eye. When Megan was a few weeks old, I was at the Dr. office and set her in her carseat without buckling her in…they called my name back, I had forgotten she wasn’t buckled in and I quickly picked up her seat and she went sliding to the ground with a thud. I yelled out a &*$#@! I also tripped when holding a 4 month old Lindsay (who was buckled into her carseat) and fell off the curb. She was also upside down in the seat, but slept thru the whole thing, Here’s a reacap of that event: (http://colebin.org/2008/06/24/what-happened-in-vegas-wasnt-much-fun/). These are all off of the top of my head, but I"m sure I have more…not to mention Jon who once burned Megan in the bare stomach with a batch of rice krispie treats…. Somehow they survive in spite of us. Love ya, Becky

  2. OHHH! I’m SO sorry! I remember Cole’s first head whack (spelling?). It was horrible. He fell out of his stroller, head first! He was FINE after 15 minutes. It’s always WAY harder on the mom!I’m SO sorry!xoxo

  3. Hello! On New Years Eve I let my baby burn his little chubby hand on the sizzling glass of the fireplace. Can’t get worse than that. Good thing they are back to normal so quick. I still want to wallow in depression though. Shane dropped Emma on the stairs when she was little, and her carrier went bounce, bounce, bounce until it stopped at the landing. Getting Henry out of the tub once I tried to lay him down, and his arm was twisted backwards and I didn’t know. Still just kept trying to flip him. Good thing he’s flexible. I think babies do just fine, in SPITE of what we do to them as parents. One more, (just cause its funny), while at the Seattle Center with my friend Morgan when her boy was still a baby, we were loading up the car. After buckling in her oldest, she came back and started folding up the stroller. It wouldn’t close, so she asked, "Why won’t this close?" and kept trying. I came around the car and saw that Boyd was still buckled in there. He was totally fine, but it was hilarious.

  4. I have bonked every one of my babies on the head (door jam) while going through doors. I felt SO bad every time…unfortunately some of them got bonked more than once (oops). You’d think I would learn to keep them a little close while cruising through doors.

  5. dude….that sucks. It happens though. Glad he’s okay. Here’s my story…http://www.ericasbloggityblog.com/2008/05/flash-back.html

  6. Laura Wierleski

    Amber, I don’t know one parent who doesn’t have a story about something they did that was unpreventible to their child, Many times to all 3 of my boys. You are a caring loving protective GREAT Mom. if you weren’t, you wouldn’t have freaked out and do everything you could to make things better for your little guy. Hang in there, there are many more adventures on the way…

  7. Kelli Radmall

    I’m so sorry for his little noggin and for you AJ. You slipped on the ice, there was nothing you could do! I know how it is, you feel so bad. But I echo what has been said, you are a good momma!How many stories of mine do you want?I accidently locked Felicity in the car when she was 9 months. Had to have the police come unlock it. Felt like I was on cops. Felt horrible.Felicity was jumping on a trampoline and fell down and started bawling. I was not very nice to her about her constant whining for the rest of the day. Turns out her leg was broken. Nice.We are learning all of the "Codes" for when a child is lost in a store because if Felicity gets out of the cart for one second she is gone. When she was lost at target and I had to describe her, I had to admit that she was in her pajamas in the late afternoon. I shouldn’t have admitted so much! BUT-I know I am a good mom and so are you!

  8. when my son was about 11 months old – i walked in the door from work – and he came running up to me – so did the dog…they both reached me at the same time as i bent down to pick up my son – and my dog’s nail nicked his eye/cheek….4 hrs. later we came home w/ a scratched cornea and some eyedrops. at least it wasn’t any worse than that. but i felt horrible…

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