Mas Fotos

Just some more photos from the phone. The posts will get better soon. We are home and doing really well. Thanks for all the kind words and well wishes. Do you see his adorable dimple? It is one of my favorite things about him, besides everything else.






6 responses to “Mas Fotos

  1. AHH!!!! He’s AMAZINGLY ADORABLEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love him! He looks really he? I can’t wait to hold him in 5 weeks!xoxo

  2. Erin Psillos

    Congratulations!! He’s a doll! Can’t remember now how I found your blog, but I’ve been secretly stalking you for a while! Glad you guys made it back to America safely and have your little man now! Hope all continues to go well!Richie and Erin Psillos

  3. katharine lovell buhler

    AJ!! What a precious little one you have!! I especially like the one where he’s all stretched out. Congratulations, mama.

  4. Congratulations!! Hope you are getting a little bit of sleep!

  5. that dimple is to dye for! so cute! i really hope he and lola get together some day :)congrats to you and jake!!!!!

  6. Aj…Aaker is absolutely so handsome! I am so proud of you guys! you have graduated, taught, traveled the world, and now for the biggest and best adventure….BEING A MOM!!!!! Congrats! love ya!

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