House Tour

We have 10 more days to go until Aaker’s due date. Due dates are never reliable so I guess we are just playing the waiting game until he feels ready to come. I am feeling how most women feel towards the end of their pregnancy, craptacular. I don’t feel like posting any photos of me being huge so instead I will show you the condo. We moved back into our same complex in Woodinville but into a 2 bedroom. I love where we live and happy with the way things are turning out. We still have a few more things to hang and wires to cover but for the most part everything is done. Come visit!

I don’t know how to use Jake’s nice camera so I had to take these photos with our underwater camera. Sorry folks!


10 responses to “House Tour

  1. AJJJJJ!! It’s seriously adorable!! You should be an interior decorator…seriously. A couple questions: where did you get your couch? WHere did you get the dresser in the nursery (under the changing pad)? I NEED them both.



  2. i love how you did-up the nursery! and i love your bookshelf full of books! ours is too, yours just looks cooler. can we come visit after you have the babe?


  3. Anna Kessie

    I love everything you did. I can’t wait to see pictures of Aaker!

  4. AJ! Can’t believe your baby will be here soon! So excited for you! Hope everything turns out good and you have a great experience. Your place is awesome. You have so much cute stuff! Love you!!

  5. I LOVE your house!! I love it! I especially live the crib bedding and orange stuff!!

  6. Thanks for the virtual tour! It all looks like an AJKEA showroom. Love the simple patterns and color palette you chose. Nuke is going to LOVE it. Until then you can get little bursts of happiness (even when you feel craptacular) by just looking around at your beautiful place. Seriously, love how balanced everything feels in there…

    I sound a bit like a hippie – oh well

  7. AJ I LOOOVE your bedding in your master bedroom. Please share purchasing details.

  8. Looks like you’re ready for the baby! Cute decorating all over! Hopefully he comes soon!

  9. Love it. Love you.

  10. I love you home. So beautiful. I love the baby’s room. So simple and refreshing, he’ll love it there. I can’t wait to hear all about the birth and see your little guy 🙂

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