29 Weeks

Feeling bigger. Getting bigger. Going home the day I mark 30 weeks. Dreading the flight but happy to be going home.


Shaping the bump


For Brittany Wilson, The Thinker


My arms are what have changed the most. I have been lifting light weights a few times a week but am not getting the results I want. Please tell my arms will go back to normal.


Since I seem to be into self incriminating photos, why not?

If I saw the post below I would think to myself “Oh that poor girl. Pregnancy has not been kind to her.” Well, hopefully this will have some redeeming value. Pregnancy has been kind to me. 🙂 I love the way the bump looks in t-shirts.


8 responses to “29 Weeks

  1. did i really get a call-out in your blog? i am so hip… 🙂 i’m sure you are feeling big but you still look like a hottie. in fact, i was thinking that you’re looking pretty small for how far along you are. are you sure you’re due in september and not october?

  2. Bom, chicka wow wow…

  3. How darling you are! You look fantastic. Didn’t anyone tell you that’s how you’re supposed to look when you’re going to have a baby?

  4. You boobs are bigger! And your arms look great. I love you little preggo girl!

  5. kelli woffinden radmall

    Love all of your funny pregnant pictures. Your arms look great to me, but then again my arms are a family joke. My brother was taking a picture and I was trying to position my arms so they didn’t look so big. Trying to be helpful he said, "Kelli, your arms are still huge." Thanks. But you look awesome and your arms will go back to normal someday!

  6. You look great! Love the thinker pose…ha!as for your arms…well if you’re anything like me NOTHING goes back to "normal". Awesome.

  7. HAHA!! You are so cute and so funny! Honestly you look great AJ!! It sucks becuase I compare myself to you and just hope that I look as good as you do ten weeks later than now! (Does that make sense) Writing you makes me miss you more! I hope you had a blast at your shower and visiting your family!! Eat up for me and the babe! BTW Dr. Henson told me I am getting too fat too fast. She made jokes about my boobs and my love handles! Then she made jokes about Chris’s belly! Luckily I was in a jovial mood or she would have had a crying prego lady on her hands.

  8. AJ!!!! your bump IS cute and you SHOULD be proud. I took some time off blogging and reading your blog just made me wonder why? i miss your blog and i had fun catching up. So excited for your little guy! Can’t wait to see him! and i must ask, where do you buy your clothes? is it a secret? i think i coveted every shirt you had on. 😉

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