Korean Poop Is Happy Poop

We only have 3 weeks left which leads me to going through piles of throw-away papers. I found this gem in the stack. When I was working at the Korean school they had an art project where they made signs for the bathrooms. The signs were filled with happy poops and pees.


The artists name is Dorian and she was one of my favorite students. Adorable too.

Just for fun here are the 3 kiddos I tutored after school.


Indeock, Dorian, Ashley

And my ridiculous 1st graders


Marica Francesca/Ashley and Jin

Just to clear up any misconceptions about what Jake and I are doing in the Philippines. Jake is over seeing his companies offshore operations over here and I came along for the ride. Jake is NOT teaching English. I other the hand did teach English at a Korean school for about 5 months and then got a legitimate teaching job at International School Manila. There is not a demand for English teachers in the Philippines as English is nationally recognized as a first language along with Tagalog.Just a little tid bit about international schools. International schools are found all over the world and are accredited educational settings. I.S. are pretty much private schools found all over the world and have tons of funding, amazing resources/curriculums and exceptional staff. Teachers are from all over the world and are actually trained teachers and must have teaching experience. It is a completely different profession than your typical nomadic English teacher found in Asia. Most I.S. tuitions range from 15-25,000 USD. Not cheap. Being an international teacher is the only way to go if you are a teacher by trade. I don’t ever want to work in public schools after my experience at International School Manila. I can not say the same about my experience at the Korean school.


3 responses to “Korean Poop Is Happy Poop

  1. Awesome! Makes me want to pick up and teach somewhere, or maybe Greg. BTW he’s trying to get a teaching job in Hawaii right now. We’re really hoping he gets a job at Kahuku, but its up in the air right now. We are heading out on July 7 reguardless. When are you coming to visit?

  2. Smell is not good! I love it!

  3. Hilarious.I bet Ashley’s pretty awesome? She has to be with that adorable face and cute glasses.

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