Final Weeks

6 Weeks left in the Philippines . Arrived August 12 and leaving July 19. Almost 365 days. Almost.

Having to say goodbye to new awesome friends from ISM

Some of the Learning Support staff at International School Manila

LOVE these ladies. Learning Support teachers at ISM but also amazing friends.

Luckily we still have a few more weeks of Sunday dinners with our best mates.

Saying goodbye to some of the church ladies

The Makati 3rd Ward Primary

Sorry about the quality of photos. Jake is the one who uses the nice camera. It would be a shame if I used a Nikon D90 on auto setting so I just stick to our point and shoot.


8 responses to “Final Weeks

  1. Sayonara, and konichiwa! Now get your pregnant belly over here! I miss you so! Are you coming to Utah at all?! Please? You should come for Chelsea’s wedding!! YESSS! Aug. 5th. SLC. Be there.

    • Not coming to Utah for a long time but you can come to Seattle! 🙂 I can’t travel in August. I will be past travel time for preggers. 😦

  2. Will you be in Washington in two years?

  3. their loss…our gain!

  4. oh good. Maybe I will move there.

  5. I am so glad you are only staying 341 days.

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