Baby Breaks The Bank

We still have 2 more months left and all we can think about is home. Still happy here just ready to go home and it seems so close! With the anticipation of coming home and then having a baby soon after, 2 months after, we are trying to buy some baby gear now so it doesn’t hit us all at once.So far we can mark these off the list:

  • Stroller
  • Car seat
  • Swing
  • Baby Carrier
  • 1 Toy
  • Quilt for the crib
  • Bedding (being made here for cheap)
  • Rocker
  • Rug
  • Blessing Outfit
  • Clothes – 2 shirts and 2 sweats
  • List/Registry completed of all things needed from Target

Things yet to mark off the list:

  • The 71 items from my Target list

I am ticked that I can’t buy the crib I want (either of the 2) because shipping is over $100. I just can’t bring myself to waste an extra hundred. Suppose I will wait until we are home to buy it (along with a sofa, rug, dishes and whatever else we don’t have for a home.)


My Mom asked if I was serious when I emailed her this photo of the rocker. I have indeed already bought it and she was worried about where I would put my head if I get tired. I guess I need to be a little more practical. *Side note: I got the knock of rocker for like $50. Steal!


7 responses to “Baby Breaks The Bank

  1. Wow, go you!!! LOVE the rocker! You are way ahead of where I was at that point — I think it was a stressed-out scramble to get stuff before Nile was born and we didn’t even finish getting stuff till after (will we ever be finished?). We bought a nice, big, cream-colored fake-suede La-Z-Boy rocker/recliner from some friends who used it in their nursery — it is AWESOME! Not at all modern fashionable, but super comfy, and yes, practical 🙂 Craigslist? p.s. You would have had only 70 instead of 71 things to get from Target except "AJ Folkman" returns no results on a baby registry search at Please advise.

  2. Megan-You too kind, in all seriousness. Because I am a totally tacky person who is freaking out about being ready here is the link for the registry. I made it a little difficult by accident. Thank you in advance.

  3. And, I have been craigslisting it up! A little too much. I am having to push on the breaks because we can’t buy any of it!!!

  4. Are you having a baby shower?! I love the rocker and I would totally put it in my house!

  5. Thanks for sharing the link, I want some of the things you want! 🙂 I need the baby food/milk trays. What a great idea. I was just going to use old ice cube trays, but to have a lid….GENIUS. 🙂 Plus, I want to start making baby food from our farm food this summer and start saving it up for little H. PS…don’t hate me but my parents pried your name ideas from me. I apologize in advance for my loose lips. They’re very persuasive. I hope you still love me.

  6. ps…there is a great consignment shop here, today I picked up a baby carrier that will fit Shane and an extra bumbo for my parents house. Amazing deals. 🙂 PS…are you doing disposable or cloth? I’m looking into cloth, if you guys are too maybe we could buy a big batch and split it?

  7. sounds like you’re gettingn prepared…how exciting! it’s good to get prepared sooner rather than later so you can enjoy your pregnancy.I love the eames rocker…you must share where you got it for $50 please!!!

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