Tagaytay and Corregidor Island

My Mom and Aunt Marsha came to visit during Holy Week, the first week in April. I was so happy to not only see family but especially these 2 ladies. These 2 women are so fun! They are daring, crazy/funny and can shop, a lot.

While they were here I made sure we left Manila for a few days and that everyday was full of activities. Manila is pretty dirty and just full of malls, we are in Asia after all. So we got out as much as we could.

I had an awesome shopping day planned on Friday but unfortunately when you live in a Catholic country everything is closed. And literally everything was closed. Not a single restaurant was open. We decided to head down to Tagaytay and see some mountains and volcanoes.

Us at the Manila Temple

Jack fruit on the way to Tagaytay

Mom and I with the volcano in the background

Carrying the cross

Aunt Marsha

Another day we took a tour of Corregidor Island. Mom and Aunt Marsha’s father, my Grandpa Von Brimhall, served on Luzon during the war. He was never on Corregidor but it was really interesting to see what was going on during that time and so close to him.

Mom and Aunt Marsha

This building is weathered far beyond its age

The Ladies


Jake doing his thing

Old Rusty Gun

More photos here.


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