Coco Beach, Mindoro

We went through a lot of crap to finally make it to Coco Beach and it was worth it. Nothing is every easy in the Philippines. However, when plans go wrong and there is a resort and beach waiting for you on the end it seems to smooth it self out.

We stayed in huts nested on the side of a mountain side in a forest of coconut trees. The huts had bamboo floors and you could see the dirt ground through the slats. No air con or heated showers. Our beds had to be covered in nets so bugs couldn’t get us. It doesn’t sound glamorous but it was so nice and really fun.

We rented a boat for $16 to take us around the island and then hop out and go snorkeling. We saw a giant clam (dead) that was 5 feet long and 3 feet tall. We saw amazing coral and sea creatures I did not know existed. It was amazing. My Mom and Aunt Marsha just jumped right in with us and would dive down and touch things and take pictures.

My Mom and A.Marsha were so amazing to have as guests. Not only did they never complain once (even about the heat or food) but all they said was how much fun they were having and seemed to really enjoy themselves.

Does anyone have anyidea what the yellow creatures are called

Blue Pipes

A school house

Our huts on the left


more inside

Looking outside

Golden Oldies


Giant Clam

Red Ropes

Jake with giant clam




Mundoy The Captain

Getting tied off to a boat station to go snorkeling in mangroves


Sponge Ring

More photos here.


2 responses to “Coco Beach, Mindoro

  1. kelli radmall

    Are you sure that last picture isn’t a nuva ring? Maybe that’s how you got prego. Just kidding, the pictures are beautiful!

  2. You are funny Kelli! I luff you!

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