In April we got to visit Micah, Nicole and Macy Lou in Shenzhen China. Their place was amazing! They live in a wonderful neighborhood, have an awesome ward and live so close to Hong Kong (one of the coolest cities). Of course we think that because Manila is a dump, we live in a high rise (it is nice…) and we were only there for a weekend.They were awesome hosts. We picked strawberries, went on a short hike, went to a real park with real trees, ate tepanyaki, and they took me to IKEA! Lulu was the highlight of my trip. She was so friendly, good to mom and dad and talked so much. My favorite thing about Lulu is when she walks with out someone holding her hand she kind swings her arm and talks (yells) out loud.


You can view more photos here.


One response to “Shenzhen

  1. rischel haynie

    Micah and Nic live in China?! Nicole, I feel so lost without being able to read you blog. Please add me! Macy is (of course) so cute, I need to see pictures of her on a more regular basis. I miss you all!

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