Sorry friends. I have been MIA. I will post more tonight (virtual pinky promise). One of the reasons I have been slacking on the blog is because I started a full time long term sub position (Feb-June) at International School Manila. It is seriously nicer than any college campus I have ever stepped foot on. I love my job, staff, location, canteen etc.

The school is amazing. The resources are incredible and the materials are all beyond what I was using in the states. If you are a teacher international schools are seriously the way to go. They pay for relocation costs, taxes, visas, housing, insurance and you get a raise (a real raise) every year and every time you renew your contract.


2 responses to “ISM

  1. Kristina Summers

    What do you think about the quality of the education at international schools? I’m assuming you’re teaching American children who are living in the Philippines….I heard that it’s actually better than American schools from someone living in Argentina. Just curious what you thought…Hope things are going well!

  2. Yay you are back! Congrats on the new job. Post pictures. My hats off to anyone that teaches. It’s such a hard job.

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