For my birthday (October 19) I got this dress made. Yes, I just got it today. It is a copy of a Shabby Apple dress. It was $25. Awesome.

The next project is this:


8 responses to “Seamstress

  1. rischel haynie

    That is beautiful AJ, what a perk of living in Manila!

  2. Wow AJ! So cute!

  3. Kelli Radmall

    I wanted to tell you that the dress is incredibly cute-and guess who left you a comment first, my favorite girl Rischel! Wow-if AJ had it made halfway around the world and Rischel loves it enough to comment then I must have good taste if I like it too! Love it. Love you both.

  4. Wow! How cute! I can’t believe you had that dress made for $25 dollars! I love the detail work!

  5. Wow, what a great bod! Hi AJ. I miss you.

  6. Love the dress! And your tush looks hot.

  7. You guys are having such amazing experiences… It’s so awesome, thanks for sharing! Love the Dress:)

  8. your a** looks hot! oh, and the dress is super cute too!

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