Taal Volcano

Taal Volcano, Tagatay is about 2 hours south of Manila. Taal Volcano was fascinating. It is a giant volcano that has been filled and turned into a giant lake. With in that giant lake is another volcano that als0 has a lake inside of it. Crazy awesome.

I think we only got one photo of Jake the whole trip because he is also behind the lens. The price we pay for good photos.

More photos here.

Jake is so handsome.

Boat ride to the inner volcano

The awesome boat that sprayed everywhere

Playing some basketball in a small village on the inner volcano.

At the top

The ride up there

The gift shop

The 2 ridges



One response to “Taal Volcano

  1. That looks amazing! The little boat looks like something straight out of National Geographic. I read a couple days ago that they had declared Marshall law somewhere in the Philippines, but I am assuming that it wasn’t in Manila!

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