Subic – Camaya Bay

We had an awesome house guest visit us from Seattle. Ryan has been one Jake’s friends for a long time and has continue to be an awesome friend since we have been married. While Ryan was here we went to Subic which is a city up north and on the ocean.Overall the trip was anti-climactic. It was so close to always being epic and ended up just being mediocre or lame. One example was when we did not get to swim with dolphins. We specifically stayed at the hotel next to the ocean park so we could pay too much money to have a dolphin swim us around the cove. Bummer. Second was Tree Top Adventure which ended up being a pulley system between really high trees. We were supposed to do the awesome tree drop at the end but the workers were on lunch for another hour. Lame-er.Besides that the water was nice and it was a beautiful drive up north. We rented a car for the weekend and it was SO amazing to have our own car. We usually taxi every where. Jake and I had not driven a car in 4 months. It was the most bizarre feeling. I hope we are able to pick up where we left off when we move back.


Tree Top Adventure


View from the hotel room


The restaurant


The boys representing


The Beach

More photos found here.


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  1. Who wears short shorts…

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