Makes Me Happy

I don’t ever blog about clothes or “things” really but I am going to get all crazy on you and blog about sandals. You heard me, sandals. Living in a warm climate I have learned it is vital to have a nice pair of sandals. I have not taken them off since I bought them 5 days ago. I literally sleep with them on.

I introduce you to Ipanema Life Sandal by the sexy model Giselle Bundchen.

Something else that is making me happy these days is this book.

We eat out way to0 much because it is super duper cheap. I am attempting to cook more and cook with beans and legumes. I have mentioned a few times before that I am not cooking with meat here. The main reason is because the meat isle in the grocery store smells like something horrific that I can not describe with out offending all off you. {You could guess as to what it smells like in the comments section}. As most places beans are super cheap here too. I have made 3 of the cannellini bean recipes and happy with the consistency and taste.

And that is what I have been digging on lately.


5 responses to “Makes Me Happy

  1. kelseyevans

    I’m going to guess the meat section smells like the meat section at an ethinic store near my house. And if that’s true, it would make me never want to eat meat ever again.

  2. It probably smells like a warming, dying pig. I hate the meat section, even at whole foods. Williams Sonoma has some great recipes online for some beans/lentils soups.

  3. Okay the comment reads a little harsh, but what I meant was we have a store by our house where we get South American ingredients and they have meat that looks smells like a dead pig but it is kind of warm and the meat is purple. I can’t quite describe it but it makes me want to dry heave.

  4. totally got what you meant emmie. not harsh at all. i was inspired by sean’s pho so i went out and got some.

    kelsey- you would know what i mean. did ecuador have some rank smells?

  5. ps this is aj.

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