Singapore (post re-visited)

I just uploaded a bum load of photos to the web albums. Take a looksie.


Here is a little preview:

Segways are really funny to make fun of and really fun to ride.

New to me.

Mosque on Arab Street

Zipping across Sentosa Island


3 responses to “Singapore (post re-visited)

  1. Kelli Radmall

    Looks amazing! These adventures you are having are priceless! How lucky you are to travel. I have literally been wiping somone’s snotty nose all day trying to entertain a very very grumpy girl. Different blessings at different times in life. Live it up crazy girl! Love you lots.

  2. I love K – Woff. I have been wiping someones nose here all day too. It was my own but I can tell you that it totally sucks.

  3. Jake on a segway, it doesn’t get much better than that.

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