I needed a tan…

so we went for a beach weekend to Singapore. Just kidding. We actually went for our visa restrictions (we have to leave every 59 days). Singapore was amazing. We stayed on Sentosa Island and I had 1 request to stay near the ocean. It was the most bizarre beach we have ever been to because it was a man made beach. Fake sand and fake islands were made to make it seem real. We swam to some of the other islands and the big rocks surrounding them were hollow inside.

Singapore has some amazing qualities. Namely public transportation, the MRT was crazy awesome, FOOD, FOOD, FOOD, Little India, Arab Street and movies that we don’t get in Manila. Singapore was strange in the fact that many times it seemed like one giant mall. When we were walking around the city it was mostly underground and malls lined the passage ways. It was bizarre.


We may have stayed here.

This was the ride to the kick butt luge.

Eating a shawarma on Arab Street.

We did a lot of this.

More photos to come.



8 responses to “I needed a tan…

  1. Does that sign behind you say “ground lamp”?

  2. cool. You have leave every so often? at least you get to travel! Looked like fun! Food looked good too!

  3. I meant “you have TO leave…”

    sorry. sometimes I leave out words when I type. 😛

  4. i love the food shots best. and the (fake?) beaches. and your tan. 🙂 will you come to CR with us?

  5. i just saw the smiley face from my post. i don’t like it. i want it back. i wanted a simple smiley face… as it looks when you type it. not a lame yellow one. i didn’t show my teeth when i smiled. give it back! 😦

  6. yellow frowny faces are ugly too.

  7. I like Jake’s hair.

  8. The food looks yummy!!!

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