Nagpapasalamat means grateful in Tagalog, according to an online translator. But I think I am going to believe them because Salamat means thank you and that is in the word above.Today I am thinking about how grateful I am for our families. We have the best families. I am so happy we get to share eternity with both of them.


Smith Family Christmas 2008


Folkman Family Leavenworth 2008. Missing Pete, Becca, Zoey, Tom and Jamie.

I am also grateful for amazing friends. I have had genuine friends in most places I have lived. In college I was able to find some of the best friends I will ever meet in my life. Also, living in Woodinville we had some AMAZING friends who we both really miss. I got used to not seeing high school friends or college friends. I am not used to NOT seeing our friends and family from WA every week if not every day. So, today I am grateful for friendship.


Woodinville Friends. I think we are still missing a few gals.

This photo was from a really awesome going away party Ashley put together for us. She is really good at throwing parties, making cute babies, organizing, cooking delish food and being a super kick butt friend.In the rush of moving I did not post any photos from our party but I want to this second since I am feeling sentimental.

Delicious Food By Ash

More food.

The wonderful gals got me the bike basket I had wanted for months from SAM.


3 responses to “Nagpapasalamat

  1. You DO have a wonderful family! Well, both side are wonderful! Oh, and Monte and I are friends on facebook. I felt really cool when he accepted me 🙂

  2. Why am I missing in that picture? I guess we got to the party too late! I will just assume you miss me…

  3. i’m sad i missed that party too. so sad. and i miss you. we’re going to seattle this weekend and i will shed a tear in your honor. and i agree, ashley is sweet yo! perhaps we’ll see them this weekend?…

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