Unveiling Chicken Little

One of my favorite things about working at a Korean school is their food. Korean food is SO good. Koreans have the most entertaining snack foods. One of my personal favorites are drumstick crackers. I have documented the unveiling of these little guys for your enjoyment.

That is my coveted bag from my Thailand. Best purchase of the year (so far).

The box. Please enlarge for maximum enjoyment.

Can you tell that I ACTUALLY like these things?

Wrapped in pure gold for freshness.

Have you ever witnessed a drumstick cracker?

We will most likely be eating these for Thanksgiving.


9 responses to “Unveiling Chicken Little

  1. Ummm what?! This is probably the best post you’ve done on this blog…and you’ve had some real good ones, too. You know I would eat these with you if we lived on the same continent.

  2. Oh, what do they taste like?

  3. kelseyevans

    Those look so sick, but also really tempting.

  4. you are cute as a button. love the outfit, love the hair, love the purse, love the necklace.

    and that is some snass-z snacks.

  5. THAT is awesome! I would so eat that with you!

  6. AJ I miss you. That is all.

  7. your expressions are priceless! LOVE IT!

  8. You look like an anthropologie model in those pictures!!

  9. ha ha…you crack me up! You looks so cute AJ. love that dress.

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