I don’t have any children but when I do I can guarantee you I will be just as obsessed. I LOVE my nieces and nephews SO much. I can go a year with out seeing the adults but seriously, how am I gonna do it with the little ones? I love you Macy Lulu. I love you Merrick. I love you Eli. I love you Emma. I love you Zoey. I love Baby Boy Reckling too, even if you are only a fetus nephew.



Zoey The Lady Bug and Emma The Dragon


Macy Lulu The Incredible and Eli Frankenstein


Merrick the Monkey


The Labrynth Family




3 responses to “OBSESSED

  1. Auntie AJ, Did you forget me? Love, Cole (just kidding, you DO NOT need to put a picture of my child on your blog 🙂

  2. And they all miss you too!

  3. AJs! Sounds like y’all are having an awesome time! I think it’s so great to have fun adventures when you’re newly married. (Well kind of) you know what I mean.

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