Nobody But You

Is this song popular in the US? It is crazy popular in the Philippines and my Korean students are OBSESSED. Every single boy or girl under the age of 10 could sing this song for you. I just don’t know if it is popular in the US and I really want to know. I am guilty of loving this song.


Here is the video link. It actually starts about 1 minute in.


3 responses to “Nobody But You

  1. UMmm… That song is unique. I listened to it with one of my students and she said it is definitely not popular here. Neither of us had heard it. What language is it in?

  2. And I feel dumb… I went back and reread the blog and saw the part where the actual song doesn’t start right away. We (my students and I) still haven’t heard that song either, but it’s pretty cool. Thanks for posting.

  3. Lucky Red Hen

    The Wonder Girls were just on So You Think You Can Dance last week and I was amazed that THEY are the MOST POPULAR in Asia! Their dancing wasn’t and they lip synced (not surprising). I won’t be downloading them onto my iPod 😉

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