Boob Tube

We have been making up for lost time. We have not enjoyed the luxury of cable t.v. since we have been married so that has become our new favorite past time. The seasons are dirt cheap over here too. Here is a list of our accomplishments.

1.How I Met Your Mother

2. Mad Men – got bored after episode one and stopped watching.

3. Heroes – going to stop watching pretty soon.

4. The Office – a little bored this season.

5. Parks and Recreation – certainly stepped it up this season. We have been thoroughly enjoying it.

6. 30 Rock – Duh

7. Glee – as noted below

8. Community – am-a-zing.

9. Burn Notice – The modern day McGyver

10. Kings – Dramatic and thought provoking. A definite serious note to it which is a nice change for our choice in sitcoms.

11. Chuck – Who doesn’t love Chuck? I just want him and Sarah to be together so bad.

We have also dabbled with our fair share of movies since they are only $4 buck-a-roos.  I can’t remember all of them. We go see a movie once a week but they are always released 2 months later.


One response to “Boob Tube

  1. I’m glad you finally started watching Community. AWESOME! Last night’s was so great with Abed playing Batman. 🙂 I’m going to buy a web-cam with Emma today…so let’s video chat this weekend.

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