What we have been up to recently:

  • Jake working from 4 am to 1 pm. We have to go to bed earlier but we get to spend way mo’ time together.
  • I tutor English Mon-Thur 7-11 am at a Korean School just down the road.
  • I also tutor 8 kiddos from US embassy families in various subjects through the week.
  • Helping with some relief efforts here for the flood victims. This is our first week off in the last couple of weeks.
  • Getting hosed over by taxi drivers left and right. They totally try to take advantage of us because we are white. Jake has been feuding with multiple the last couple weeks.
  • Hunting for candy corn and no such luck. I don’t even like candy corn but since I can’t have it I want it!
  • Jake is in the beginnings of a challenge to cook dinner 7 nights in a row. Every night he does not cook dinner he has to restart at 1. I believe we are on attempt #2 or 3.
  • Get clothes made for our bodies. We found a tailor that can sew most anything for us for $20-$25 USD. I got a dress made for my birthday and Jake is getting a few work shirts made. I spent a few hours on anthro website picking our some numbers I want done.
  • I turned 25. Zoinks.

That is pretty much all we have been up to. I write weekly emails home so this poor little bloggity blog gets neglected because I don’t want to have to retype everything. Hopefully I will get better even if it is about stupid stuff like t.v.


One response to “Yo-yo’s

  1. Fun! Post pictures of the dress!

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