We just got back from an awesome week in Thailand. We stayed in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. We are planning on taking another trip next year to Phuket. It was an amazing trip. Everything went smoothly for the most part and we did some awesome tours. We also played with full grown tigers, rode elephants through the jungle, went river rafting on bamboo rafts, went to Dream World (Thailand’s Disneyland), saw an amazing show, Siam Niramit, and ate delicious food. I have posted a link to our picasa web albums because I have too many photos to upload. Slowly I will try and post some photos with explanations. For now go here and check out our 200 photos.

Here is an adorable Hill Tribe baby sucking on an opium pipe.

Here is an adorable Hill Tribe baby sucking on an opium pipe.


7 responses to “Thailand

  1. wow! the petting tiger pictures!

  2. Kristina Summers

    Wow! That trip looked like so much fun! How was the raft trip? Did you have to stand the whole time? The tigers and the elephants looked like tons of fun! What’s up with the opium pipe? Was he addicted to it or something?

  3. Wow…what fun pictures! I just looked through your ENTIRE pocasa album. First of all…you two are the big WORLD TRAVELERS! Second of all…you look amazing! Thirdly…You two are such hams. I loved the pictures of you two on the elephrant’s foot. Your expressions said a million words. ahhaa. I love looking at your blog. Glad you two are doing so well. take care!

  4. so sweet. glad you weren’t mauled. check us out. i finally posted JUST FOR YOU.

  5. sorry, that is me up above, nicole…

  6. AJ, I just found your blog through Micah and Nicoles. I want to get your weekly emails!! I am so jealous you are in the phillipines! It makes me miss China. Live it up! and put me on your email list.

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