We’re Finally Here…

Jake here. Hello to everyone. AJ is currently sitting across from me and has been nice enough to let me post our first entry from Manila. So while she browses the interwebs on my work computer I am going to post a few pictures of our first few days in the Philippines. Just like any other move we’ve been busy running around town figuring out where everything is so we can get situated in our new apartment. We still don’t have internet hooked up. It was supposed to happen today but it is looking like a no as the afternoon passes so we are down in the lobby of our building where there is free wifi. So far AJ loves the Philippines and what has become of her life. She has been so excited about all of the shopping, food, etc. We live in one of the nicest areas of Manila. It is a little smoggy and you can definitely see it in some of the photos but it is warm. I haven’t heard AJ complain about being cold since we got here. One of the down sides is that Manila is apparently one of the most expensive cities in the world in terms of electricity. We’ve heard stories about people getting nailed with a $1500 monthly bill. But that was in a big house and we are in a tiny apartment. Still, we are trying to be very careful (even though my company is footing the cost). Also, I lost my phone the 3rd day we were here. I was thinking it fell out of my pocket in a taxi, but several people on Facebook have suggested I was pick-pocketed. I’ll let AJ fill you guys in on the rest when she gets around to it. Here are some pictures we took from around our building. Enjoy.


7 responses to “We’re Finally Here…

  1. I think I could do Manila…looks awesome!

  2. I totally had no idea y’all were moving to the Philippines. How exciting! How long will y’all be there? Why are y’all there?

  3. um, are you sure you moved to the philippines? your classy apartment and building seem to suggest otherwise…

  4. wyatt says “s’up yo”. i mean it this time.

  5. WOW! Glad you made it over safe and sound. I will be checking in frequently to read about all your adventures.

  6. Great pictures!! I am so excited for you guys! What an adventure!

  7. What an EXCITING adventure!!! I’m really jealous. Enjoy!

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