Wise Readers…

I need  your help. I am beginning to pack for our move. Our apartment is furnished in Phil. but how do I even begin packing clothes for 1 year. I would like to keep it minimal and not bring my entire closet. Any suggestions?


8 responses to “Wise Readers…

  1. Seriously? You are moving to the tropics and you are asking what kind of clothes you should bring? Thats like saying "Hey guys, Im moving to Antarctica, do you think I should bring a jacket?"

  2. pack like you did when you went to BYU Hawaii.

  3. Pack light and go shopping when you get there.

  4. so, we had to do this same thing. we moved in jan with 6 suitcases. i am not going to lie, it’s not super fun. but i just made sure to grab the basics, and all my faves and some stuff so that we would not freeze or be too hot. and i have shopped a bit since we have been here, going to be more than six suitcases going back with us, that is for sure. good luck, packing sucks!

  5. Everybody always needs LESS socks than what they take. So whatever you have packed right now, I suggest you remove 3 pairs of socks.


  7. although i meant what i said above, maybe only pack what you have worn in the last month or so? good luck! exciting.

  8. I know this is too late but I would’ve said take more than you think you shoind myself giving half of my uld! I sually fclothes away anyway. You’ll be surprised how fast you go through clothes. I can’t wait to read about your one year adventure. You might not ever want to come back!

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