Mora Camp

I feel so fortunate to have such amazing sister in laws. I get to live 20 minutes from Carrie Reckling and she is amazing. The Recklings are ALWAYS doing something fun with their free time and are so good to always invite the family. We are going to miss them SO much. I am definitley going to get homesick for this family.

Last Monday we went to the drive in for FHE with the Recklings and saw Ice Age II. And last weekend we made a quick trip out to the coast to camping at Mora for the night. I love riding the ferry, camping and the ocean!


4 responses to “Mora Camp

  1. i like your new home. it’s very cozy. thanks for inviting me!

  2. great new blog and looks like you are living it up- good for you! excited to hear about all your new adventures and OH YEAH_ hope youre able to still watch our favorite show AUGUST 20th!!!

  3. It looks like so much fun!!! We wish that we all lived a little closer.

  4. Thanks for posting pics, I’m going to steal a few. We are going to miss you guys so much when you leave us all behind for your international adventures. 🙂

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